"The world of glitz and glamour is coveted by everyone. The fortune is crazy and so is the fame. There is always something or the other happening in that part ofthe world to keep the lesser mortals like us fascinated and in hunger for more! Let us go through some bizarre news items to feed our need to get a glimpse into that part of the world."

Bird Poo for a beautiful skin? 

Now this is absolutely unheard of. There is a constant pressure to look super awesome for the world to see and admire you, but to rub powdered bird poo on your face? Well Victoria Beckham is really going the bizarre way to look the way she does. So is it really a small price to pay? Guess we’ll never know.

Harry Styles, styles up as Miley Cyrus!

Now why would a perfect looking one direction singer like to dress as Miley Cyrus? Pretty Bizarre, huh? Well as the news would have it, it was his Halloween costume wearing a nude colour spandex outfit to imitate Miley at the infamous MTV music awards. 

Beatles have greater fan following than Jesus! 

So music is a religion? John Lennon proves that. There are far too many people who diligently follow the Beatles than they follow Jesus. They are the most searched celebrities on search engines which makes them far more popular. 

Slumdog kid’s up for sale! 

The slumdog millionaire child artiste Rubina Ali will belong to you for a payment of $300,000. Now you can have your very own slumdog millionaire. The father is ecstatic at the price tag and defends himself by saying that this is the best thing for his daughter because he can’t provide for her due to poverty!

Robert Pattinson has an addiction to coke! 

Yes coke, uh “Diet” coke. When he took out trash, he was amazed to see that he had over 300 cans of it in his dustbin. He was reported as saying that he does not even remember drinking that many diet cokes! So there is an addiction after all when you don’t remember guzzling down 300 cans. That is ahuge number to forget!

British Rapper Example claims to have been abducted by gangsters after the Serbian Concert! 

In this bizarre news item, this British rapper has been a victim of kidnapping by Serbian gangsters who took him on a boat and made him sing karaoke. We can imagine how tortuous it would have been for a singer to sing karaoke on a boat after being kidnapped. 

Rod Stewart has a love for trains, even when he is 68?

The famous British rock singer and songwriter have confessed to still be in love with the model trains. His model of a grand central station was so commendable that it featured on the cover of Model Railroader.

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